If you know that everyone in your family loves watching movies and shows either on their own or together as a family, you may want to make it a better experience for everyone. Currently, you may experience limitations because of how the Internet is set up as well as your service plan.

To make noticeable improvements for watching movies and shows, you should commit to making several Internet-related changes in your home.


One of the most important choices to make throughout this whole process is with your Internet plan. An easy and effective way to improve your family's experience with watching movies and shows is by finding a fiber-optic plan in which you can get a gigabit connection. Getting one without a data cap will allow for watching movies and shows in 4K resolution without concern.


The number of connected devices in your house at one time can determine a lot about your experience with streaming content online. If a lot of these devices are using the Internet at one time, you may notice movies and shows starting to buffer in the middle of an important scene.

Fortunately, you can stop this from being an issue in several ways such as reducing how many devices are connected at once. You can also reduce the resolution for movies and shows, but this would lead to a less enjoyable watching experience. A more reliable solution that you can look forward to is upgrading to faster Internet so that having more connections does not cause problems.


How your Internet is set up inside the house can play a major role on movies and shows. A great example is using a wireless router and watching content far away from its location.

When making Internet changes, you should consider picking up a powerful router that is designed to cover an area larger than your house. Finding ones with large antennas is often a smart choice because they will have an easier time providing a smooth connection far away and through walls.

If you want to invest in a wired connection for some of your devices such as the television that most of your family uses, you should run an Ethernet cable from the modem. You can even run this kind of cable through walls or under the floors if you want to keep it from being seen.

Picking a new Internet plan and making these changes inside your home will help you improve the experience of streaming movies and shows.

Contact a local Internet access provider to learn more.